Hand Tufted Area Rugs VS Hand Knotted Area Rugs PT. 1

Hand Tufted Area Rugs VS Hand Knotted Area Rugs PT. 1

Having an authentic hand made area rug in your home to boast about is the personification of elegance and sophistication. Unfortunately, when you purchase online it can be extremely difficult to tell what’s real and what is not. To make things a bit clearer for you, we are going to distinguish the difference between hand knotted rugs and a tufted area rugs.

Hand Tufted vs Hand Knotted Rug

What Is A Hand Knotted Area Rug?

A hand knotted rug is a distinct art piece of hand knotting individual pieces of wool or silk yarn onto a loom to create a wool rug.

What Is A Hand Tufted Area Rug?

A hand tufted area rug is the attentive practice of using a small tufting gun to punch a design into a canvas. The tufting gun is then held by the hand of a technician who loads yarn into a magazine and traces a pattern onto a canvas backing. This is done by an unskilled laborer very quickly in a factory.

How To Tell The Difference?

The Fringe

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How the fringe actually looks on an area rug is a meaningful sign of how the rug was originally constructed.

Hand Knotted Rug:

The fringe of a hand knotted rug is one of the key components of a hand knotted area rug. The wool yarn is hand knotted onto the fringe and the pieces at the end are left for decoration. Furthermore, the fringe is key to holding the rug together. If the fringe is not there, the rug will unravel and you will have nothing but a pile of yarn.

Tufted Area Rug:

On a tufted area rug on the other hand, the fringe of the rug will be sewn or glued on the the backside. Because the fringe is a critical part to a hand knotted rug, professional artisans of  hand tufted rugs often glue or sew on a fringe to make the rug appear genuinely authentic. This will make it drastically easier to tell the difference. Simply flip the rug over and look to see if you can see stitch marks, or that there is a strip of canvas that the fringe is attached to.

The Back Of The Rug

Hand Knotted Area Rugs

The back of a hand knotted rug will be an exact replica of the top pile of the hand knotted area rug. Additionally, you will be able to see each individual knot and be able to count the knots per square inch.

Hand Tufted Area Rugs

Hand Tufted Area Rug Backing Orange County Rug Sales

The back of a hand tufted area rug will have have a canvas back which is glued to hold the area rug together. Because the rug is not knotted, you will not see or be able to count a knot count.