Making sense of what type of rug material is best for your space is fundamental. It’s essential to look at how a space will be utilized, what sort of activity it will get, and how much comfort you want. Look at our snappy manual for the most usually utilized materials for area rugs and the upsides and downsides of each beneath.


Wool Area Rugs | Rug Sales Orange County | Wool Area Rugs Orange County

The most widely recognized area rug material utilized for floor coverings is wool, prized for its solidness and delicateness.

Why we cherish wool area rugs: Strong; great stain and water repellency; fantastic protecting properties; comfortable underneath.

Things to consider: Not useful for sodden places as it ingests stickiness; subject to blurring

Best to live: rooms, lounge areas, high-movement regions


Traditional Silk Area Rug | Rug Sales Orange County

Extravagant and shiny, silk mats are venerated for their delicate quality and unpretentious sheen.

Why we cherish silk area rugs: Very delicate and extravagant feel; better subtle elements than wool

Things to consider: Requires proficient cleaning; can indicate impressions

Best for: Bedrooms, low-activity regions


Cotton Area Rug | Orange County Rug Sales

It’s most every now and again used to make level weave carpets, for example, dhurries and kilims.

Why we adore cotton area rugs: Generally more reasonable than wool or silk; simple to clean

Things to consider: Doesn’t generally wear well over drawn out stretches of time

Best for: Kitchens, youngsters’ rooms, easygoing spaces


Sisal Area Rug | Rug Sales Orange County | Orange County Rugs

Strong, common grasses and different filaments join unbiased, hearty palettes and rich surfaces, making them a definitive plan chameleons.

Why we adore sisal, jute, and sea grass area rugs: Very solid; renewable; ordinarily free from compound handling

Things to think of: assortments can be coarse and hard to clean

Best to live: rooms, high-movement and sunny regions


SYNTHETIC AREA RUGS | Orange County Rugs | Orange County Rug Sales

Man-made filaments including thick, nylon, and polypropylene. They have been enhanced throughout the years to emulate the qualities of normal filaments.

Why we cherish synthetic area rugs: Easy to clean; family-accommodating; can be utilized as a part of clammy conditions; many sorts can be utilized outside

Things to consider: Doesn’t generally feel lavish

Best for: Hallways, outside (note: not every single engineered carpet are reasonable for open air utilize), high-movement and sunny zones